Totally personalized marketing messages on your cell phone

The day is coming, according to this New York Times article, when you’ll be able to make movies with your phone, and literally have one-to-one conversations with a brand, say Nike or Applebee’s restaurants.Motorola recently gave some video phones to a New York firm called Double Wide Media (cute name, eh?) and independent cinematographer who’d previously made some very simple movies that made it pretty big.

They didn’t tell them what to film. They just let him go to see how he would use the medium to tell stories. The resulting short films are viewable online.
Another media observer says “cellphone marketing will become even more personalized than the Internet.” Imagine getting a custom-made-for-you television show–say a technology review or a travel guide–delivered to your phone when you ask for it. It’s kind of the AAA (auto club) model of come in here and we’ll draw a “triptik” for you while you watch–only you don’t have to go to the storefront.

I know how much I enjoy having an embedded digital camera in my PDA–half the time I carry the thing more for the camera than for the information content–since if I’m going to be actually working, I’m starting to bring my laptop with me. (Tried implementing the use of a portable computer a little bigger than a PDA, but have never succeeded in getting the thing to work properly–so I gave up the idea of buying a folding keyboard for it.)

So maybe it’s going to be a race to see who gives us truly everything-in-a-box first: our laptops, our cell phones, or some entirely new device that’s lurking in the minds of the technogeeks out there.

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