Google is improving your ability to find what you need

About all I can say is “hallelujah!” I don’t know about you, but ever since the introduction of Windows and Outlook which gave us the ability to find things by searching for keywords, I’ve been a lot better at finding things I need. Now here comes Google, the #1 search engine in the world, saying they’re going to make this capability even better. Google’s president says they’re bringing us, in beta form right now, “the power of Google to your personal information on your own computer. As easily as searching Google, you can instantly search your files, local e-mail, the Web pages you have seen and more.”

The thing about Googling (I hear people using it as a verb all the time) is that you don’t have to know exactly the right words! This is a huge breakthrough for searching through all your “stuff” on your machine. So instead of having to know precisely the words to find, the search will be intelligent and find things that are similar, rather than nothing at all. Because after all, folks, if we knew the name of the darn thing, we’d be able to find it that way, right?

Thank you Google. I hope you can make this work quickly.

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