What's your plan for VoIP?

Local serial entrepreneur Dr. Steve Belovich has been burning up the telephone wires between here and Thailand lately. Seems the government there is interested in having his company Smart Data (which, by the way, is on the verge of announcing some pretty exciting news–stay tuned) to start intercepting the little voice packets that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses to send messages between computers through the web.

Remember that obnoxious commercial where the teenager is banned from using the telephone and she continues her hours-long conversations with her girlfriends via the computer? That’s VoIP, and it seems this technology is extremely vulnerable to attack. Anyone savvy enough to collect the little packets who also has evil intent can easily alter the content of a message without changing the sound of your voice–a frighteningly real way to cause the worst kind of insidious damage, whether to government secrets or to teenage (or other) interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Belovich says you just plain shouldn’t be using VoIP–it leaves you too vulnerable. Even if you think no one cares about your proprietary technology or other secrets, you never know when (like an identity theft with credit cards) somebody might pick you to use as a vehicle for some other nefarious purpose.

And can you imagine this for a marketing coup? Smart Data has now had the United States Post Office issue them their own private stamp! Here’s how their logo will look on the corner of their letters:

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