Quantum physics at work in the nanotech computer world

Having a special attraction to the fascinating stuff of quantum physics, I couldn’t help picking up on this discovery. Physicists have now found a way to measure the separate spin of the two parts (electrons) in a “‘quantum bit,’ or qubit, that can actually be ‘on’ and ‘off’ simultaneously, or function as both a one and a zero during digital calculations [which], multiplied many times over within a computer chip…, could be a powerful tool for sifting through information.”

Okay, let’s see. The qubit serves as two things at once and thus cuts searching time in half. Well, just in the nick of time, I’d say. As the storehouse of information we humans are collecting grows ever-more immense, we’re going to need faster processing just to find even simple answers.

But what amazes me most is the fact that physicists have also found that the holes–the spaces between the qubits–have spin and direction as well and can actually be “herded,” or manipulated, to yield more information. It is no less than astounding to discover that empty space contains valuable information–and even more exciting that we are learning to extract that information and use it. This doesn’t totally surprise me, though, when I think about the extraordinary power of the rests in music–sometimes those little quiet spots in a song can absolutely take your breath away in anticipation of what’s next. And think of the power of white space in a page of text–the rest for the eye (and concomitantly the mind) is a valuable aid to digesting information.

What’s next then? These nanotechnology accomplishments sound suspiciously like old-fashioned miracles, don’t they? ” )

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