Plugged-in people also plug into other media–except TV

It looks like people who use the Internet a lot also tend to listen to more music (–6.1 hours per week versus 4.8 hours for nonusers), rent more movies and go to the movies more often, according to The recent Annenberg Center’s Digital Future study.

The study said Americans now spend an average of 12.5 hours per week online, up from 9.4 hours in 2000, and that’s cutting into TV time. Internet folks watch 11.6 hours per week and non-users average 16.2 hours. I wish they had given us some statistics (much harder to track for sure) of how much people’s reading habits are affected by Internet use.

I’ve found that as a business owner I use the Internet constantly for work and rarely for personal, and then it’s usually to look up health and occasionally entertainment information.

But reading…well, truth be told, it’s not the Internet that interferes with my reading. It’s work, and I’d guess that’d be true for most business owners. Another reason–as if we needed anymore–why you’d better be doing what you love.

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