Marketing the new weapon for bioscience money

San Francisco is putting on a big-deal conference to attract attention to its suitability as a bioscience hub. It wants a piece of California’s bioscience honeypot of $7.8 billion in revenues.

City governments are getting ever more creative about how to attract this incredibly lucrative industry. Let’s look at what a bioscience company normally wants:

- easy access to resources (physical and human)
- large pools of suitably educated workers from which to hire, and re-hire, solid employees
- other companies for employees that don’t work out to go to for new learning
- other like-minded companies to network and potentially partner with
- affordable housing for employees of all levels
- superior quality of life for owners, executives and workers

So if all these things are equal (which seldom happens, of course), then it’s about who gets the most creative with incentives (who uses better marketing techniques). Based on all the wisdom of social networking, my guess is that for most business owners, the quality of life will rise to the top as the biggest decision factor (though clearly if everything else is right and owners are persuaded to move somewhere, the quality of life in that location could well improve dramatically just from that influx).

But the key is, if city marketing tricks are powerful enough, the decision could be swayed. This is how marketing makes the world go round.

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