Outlook search software PLUS how to find wifi hotspots

I get this nice technology newsletter by a guy named Jordan Ayan, and today it gave me TWO cool hints. One’s for a new add-on to Outlook that allows fast, deep, and easy searches (they’re ahead of Google’s gmail after all!). Get Lookout search software for Outlook.

The other is so interesting and seems so helpful that I’m going to paste the whole thing in here.


Wireless access points – places where you can obtain wireless access to the Internet – are popping up just about everywhere today. But how you locate wireless (“Wi-Fi”) “hot spots”? One practical solution is to search a directory of wireless access points on the Web before you head out with your wireless laptop or handheld computer. Here are some of the most popular wireless directories: Wi-FiHotSpotList http://www.wi-fihotspotlist.com/

: This comprehensive directory lists thousands of wireless access points worldwide, and can display their locations on a MapQuest map. WiFi411.com ( http://www.wifi411.com/

: This directory lists over 22,000 free and commercial Wi-Fi hotspots around the world, and also includes a guide that contains information about the basics of wireless Internet access, tips for setting up a wireless network in your home, and steps on how to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Intel ( http://intel.jiwire.com/ )

: This large directory, operated by this well-known computer chip manufacturer, offers numerous search criteria, and also lets you browse hotspots by city name and country. Intel also provides Wi-Fi troubleshooting tips, and detailed information on each of the major commercial Wi-Fi (fee-based) services. Wi-Fi-FreeSpot.com ( http://app.subscribermail.com/cc.cfm?sendto=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ewififreespot%2Ecom&tempid=63595C5855&mailid=barbara%40reallygoodfreelancewriter%2Ecom )

: This directory is focused exclusively on free, public Wi-Fi hotspots. Unlike the others, which
are designed to support various types of keyword searches, Wi-Fi-FreeSpot.com is more suited to browsing. This site also contains a related directory that lists hotel chains that offer free wireless access – useful if you travel a lot.

Excerpted from Jordan Ayan’s Executive Technology Briefing -subscriptions are
available at no charge by visiting Create-It.

Nice job, Jordan.

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