Sun–another forward-looking tech company invites employees to blog

Sun even gives its employee bloggers an official site from which to practice this powerful craft. On the site they have little “click here” icons to the code validator for CSS and XHTML. And they even give the hit stats right there on the home page. Neat.

One blogger writes about how he set up his wireless node deliberately so that people all around his house could access it–and how all his neighbors are able to keep working on their laptops duirng the frequent power outages in his little neck of Canada, just north of the Bay area.

As this phenomenon grows, we are all going to have to watch that we don’t spend too much time on the blogging trail…

Heavens, what if some people just stopped working altogether (since jobs are disappearing so fast anyway) and started bartering and helping each other without exchanging money…

RANKING 97 – I know that usually most employees at small to midsize businesses wear multiple hats, so it may feel scary to think of giving them time to do something like blogging. But your customers are going to love it–and you’re going to find it pays off in greater loyalty and more referrals–which is after all the best way to get new customers. There’s no time like the present to get started.

If you need help, put your list of questions together and give us a call at 440.646.0041. $97 for a half hour phone conference. $27 for the answer to a single question by email.

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