It's official — the media and blogging are at war

Is this funny or what? The Olympic Games Committee has officially banned athletes or any members of their crew from blogging about the Games.

“To protect lucrative broadcast contracts, athletes and other participants are also prohibited from posting any video, audio or still photos they take themselves, even after the games, unless they get permission ahead of time. (Photos taken by accredited journalists are allowed on the personal sites.)”

I can hardly think of a more powerful testament to the power of blogging. Money talks, folks. The voices of the people must be silenced if they threaten the status quo of how money is made. I now give Microsoft even more credit for encouraging its employees to blog; but then, they’re so often ahead of other organizations on these kinds ofissues. The Olympic Committee will eventually catch on that it doesn’t have to be either/or. Blogging, as a method of gaining publicity, complements the media beautifully.

They’re threatening to pull credentials from athletes who blog and impose sanctions as well as seek monetary damages. Geez. Are you watching the Games? You’re not an athlete, so you got nothin’ to lose. Go ahead and blog your heart out.

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