Imagining the possibilities…

A colleague sent me this item this morning. Scientists can use your skin to transmit key data–and unlock your car door. “A credit-card-sized system should run for up to three years without a change of battery and could cost only a few dollars to make…a number of car manufacturers in Europe and the US are testing the technology.”

This technology promises great things. I can envision the day when those with disabilities will be able to benefit tremendously from this improvement in performing remote activities.

It’s almost like being able to transmit your thoughts–except of course the program (of what you want to do) has to be already written by a software engineer.

Let’s say you’re paralyzed or just simply a very frail elderly person and you need to perform some physical task–like get something down from a shelf you can’t reach. Hmmmm. Maybe you could guide your personal robot–without having to use your hands–by transmitting simple directions such as up, down, left, right, clasp, unclasp, etc. .

Did you know that Microsoft holds a patent on using the human body as a two-way data network? Man, those guys think of everything.

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