Blogging gets ever easier

Those of you who’ve been using the Google Toolbar for a while already know. I knew that Blogger simply HAD to get better because Google had bought it, but it was sure slow in coming. And now it’s getting better all the time.

Once you download the toolbar and install it (very quick and easy process) you have some unusual and delightful capabilities that you didn’t have before. #1 is that you can use it to search for a URL without typing all the folderol (http, www, etc.) and you’ll probably get links to what you’re looking for. If you tried that in the address box, you’d usually just get “page not found” or “we have no idea what you’re talking about” or some such unhelpful
message. #2 is the ability to click a button and have all of your personal information (name, address, email, phone, etc.) automatically inserted into a form. I love that one–can save you some time and annoyance.

But my very favorite function is “Blog This!” Let me tell you about this cool feature. When you’re wandering around the web, searching for whatever, you might often run into something that you think is worthy of an entry in your blog. The normal procedure is to either bookmark the site and pray you’ll remember to go back to it when you have time, or open another browser window to open your blog (normally several steps in itself), then switch between windows (reading and perhaps copying text), then publish the entry (a couple of steps and some scrolling usually involved there), then close the other window.

NOW, with “BlogThis!” when you stumble on something worth blogging, you select some text and click the icon in your Google Toolbar. Up pops a window with a blog entry screen already populated with the headline from that story and the beginning of an entry that contains your highlighted text PLUS the already formatted HTML hotlink to that page. You take it from there and click Publish (no scrolling required) and you’re done.

It’s elegant. It’s simple. It saves tons of time. I’m thinking this cool functionality may be why it took Blogger such a long time to implement some improvements–they wanted ‘em to be spectacular.

If you haven’t tried it (I’m using it now), go for it.

Oh, and of course, all you Small to Mid-Size Business owners and execs simply must realize that fate is drawing you ever closer to blogging. Stop fighting it. Get the Google toolbar and be done with it–in a very efficient manner. ” ))

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