Personal Records to Go – medical and otherwise

The Nebraska Medical Center hands out CDs containing their complete medical records–including current medications–to patients who travel or move away or whatever.

What a cool idea. Anybody else doing this? What about colleges and universities? How many hours did I waste tracking all my transcripts every time I went to another school (total I think 6 or 8 by the time I finished moving around and got my degree)? What a waste of time and energy.

Vaccinations from when you’re a little kid? When you’re traveling in certain countries? Know how they have those little ID tags for “I’m allergic to…” or “I have lens implants…” Now, with technology the way it is, we can produce tiny little CDs that contain thousands of kilobytes of data–you can put them in your wallet or wear them on your body somewhere. For data that doesn’t change, you could have the thing certified once and for all (Adobe Acrobat now has electronic certification capabilities) and never again have to haul out the paperwork. I remember the big brouhaha when electronic signatures came out–were the lawyers/courts going to accept them.

Heck, you can charge 10 grand over the phone and never have a signature these days. Ain’t it funny how our societal opinions change?

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