Hurray, Blogger showing signs of new life

Blogger, while it was among the very first to make blogging technology accessible to the public (and it wasn’t all that great at it) has been owned by Google now for at least a year and a half. But you would never have known it had such august parentage until now.

At last Blogger is beginning to catch up with others in terms of functionality and ease of use. Not only have they introduced the ability to edit HTML as a separate function (useful if you want to get a little fancier with formatting), but today I noticed–mirabile dictu!–they’ve introduced keyboard shortcuts for some of the more common operations. This means, folks, that instead of laboriously navigating all over a page to get to buttons, or dragging that frickin’ mouse around to click on this and click on that to get anything done (can you tell I hate using the mouse?), you can keep your fingers on the keyboard and accomplish simple things like making text bold or italic, save a post to draft, and publish a post.

Now that’s my kinda software.

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