Microsoft shows its brains again

Yahoo! is challenging Google and everybody’s jockeying for a piece of the search engine prize money. Now comes Microsoft into the fray with its very own search engine, MSN Search. There’s a lesson to be learned from how they’re approaching this. Below is a screen shot of a piece of their search page. 

As you see from this little snippet, Microsoft has cleverly chosen some of the most popular keywords (meaning these consistently appear in the top listings of words people type into search engines) and given you the option to look there immediately. In other words they’re saving you, the customer, an extra couple of steps when you search. Now, instead of having to type in, say, “dictionary” or “movies,” then click, then search again, you simply click on your topic (that material is pre-searched for you) and immediately type in what you’re looking for.

In another small stroke of genius Microsoft has used its massive programming resources to save you, their customer, significant time and trouble–not just once, but every time you use the service–the very essence of customer-centered thinking.  And oh, my goodness, just THINK how much money people are going to be willing to pay Microsoft to become the, for instance, dictionary that gets picked when you type in the word you want to find!

I predict other search engines will follow shortly. This is so simple it’s brilliant.

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