Preachy rant

Conspiracy and insider trading charges. Another billion-plus dollar swindle is about to be prosecuted against former employees of U.S. Foodservice, Inc. says the Washington Post today.

Apparently they actually created and kept two completely different sets of books–more than a billion dollars different. I don’t know about you, but that kind of behavior makes me wonder what motivation would drive a person to take that kind of risk. Was this personal greed? An insane drive to be better than you are? Bad family debts?

Or was this massive deception due to company attitudes about what constitutes a winning score? I don’t see how anyone in a position of such visibility (the marketing chief and possibly the financial chief)  could have gotten the cooperation of so many employees at their vendor companies (we’re talking the likes of Kraft Foods here) without a pervasive win-at-any-cost atmosphere in all the companies that says ethics are nice to talk about, but they really don’t apply to people with power.

Abraham Lincoln is quoted saying something like this: “A man can stand almost any amount of adversity. For a true test of his character, give him power.”

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