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Another local company I know has succumbed to the sure-thing lure of the blog. They won’t be sorry–unless they expect too much, too fast. The really big point I want to make is that if you do a blog as just another marketing tool, you may well be disappointed.
As marketing tools go, you can find faster, bigger-payoff options. This blogging thing is a combination of forces: not only does it provide value to the customer (when you write it genuinely with all your energy), but it also gives you a powerfully satisfied feeling–especially when you make a good post. What’s a “good” post? Well, it’s one that’s written from your heart about something that’s important to you and your customers–and it tells the truth about a challenge you face or a solution you’ve found.
If you can’t imagine revealing your challenges, a blog is probably not going to be a good tool for you. Sometimes we don’t express ourselves openly about our businesses because we think it’s dangerous–we worry that everything we say is giving something away. Not necessarily. Sure it takes a careful approach, and most of us won’t want to write out detailed instructions on how we do what we do. But if you exercise caution, I think you’ll find it well worth your while to begin posting about what you read and the things you learn about solving the issues in your industry.
Your clients will love it, your prospects will be impressed, and you will be having a good time talking about issues closest to your business owner’s heart. Sounds like a perfect combination, doesn’t it? Come on–go ahead and do it.

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