Microsoft going for search engine gold

Well, well, well. Microsoft is flexing its muscles–to the tune of $100 million–in the Internet search area.

Interesting statistics on search engine market share:

As of February of this year, 30% t of Web searches were performed on Google, 28% on Yahoo! and just 15% on Microsoft’s MSN. Unlike the browser market—where standardization actually helped push the Web to the next plateau—advertisers like having multiple search vendors. So while market share fortunes may change, it is unlikely any of the big three search companies will disappear as did Netscape.

Microsoft will attempt to differentiate itself with sharper divisions between natural search results and paid inclusions, and they will introduce their own customized algorithmic search technology, according to a BtoB article by Richard Karpinski.

But here’s my favorite part, folks. The article mentions a–get this–blog post by a Jupiter researcher as the source of its conclusion that Microsoft doesn’t really care about paid inclusion so much as it wants to move away from relying on partners like Yahoo for search results.

Oh, I have so long been crying in the wilderness… But it’s looking like I can relax now. Now that the big guys “get it,” blogging’ll be everywhere soon enough.

And I need to tell you again: this is where it becomes absolutely critical to speak–to write–in your true voice. When you do, your blog will automatically attract the people–the prospects and customers–you want and deserve.

It’s true. I promise. If you need help getting started, email me.

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