How now apostrophes…

Found this “punctuation test” when I was checking a few links to my blog. Actually it’s not a real punctuation test because it includes some rather arbitrary questions. And of course it’s written by the BBC folks–watch out for the question that requires you to know the difference between the English approach and the American approach.

But if you’ve got 6 minutes to kill, check it out. British punctuation test

RANKING 96 – The small and midsize business especially should be wary of publishing marketing materials with typos and punctuation/grammar errors. When big business publishes something with an error in it, readers may be more willing to dismiss it as the work of an underling. But because potential customers more frequently associate a smaller business with its owner, they may think of you as the sloppy or ignorant one.

Sent another email to Blogger/Google. Wonder how many I’ll send before I get an answer?

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