Simple marketing works

Simplicity. So effective, yet so often bypassed in efforts to sound or appear smarter or more “in the know.” Thinking simple almost always pays off in the marketing world.

Here’s one that hits the mark: People like to imitate other people’s behavior. It’s a simple observation–but perhaps not so easy to translate into action steps that might grow your business.

B. Dalton Bookstores were the first to catch on that this principle could work for marketing books in their stores. Back in the 70s they began creating special displays of best-sellers in a successful bid to drive sales higher as customers began imitating other readers. This approach is now an industry model, says Eric Bonabeau in a recent issue of The Harvard Business Review.

Think about some of the simple, ordinary truths of life. With enough focus, one of those might just be the source of your next great marketing idea for your business.

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