Editing is not the same as censoring

The influence of blogs goes far beyond what most business people imagine. Here’s a fascinating quote from a Pamela Parker article in ClickZ :

Pete Blackshaw, CMO at Intelliseek, said in a recent interview that marketers ignore blogs to their peril. Bloggers are “…outspoken, expressive, highly viral experts who offer a highly credible point of view…”

Blackshaw speaks from personal experience when he says that “entries such as product reviews, comments on products or services, and rants against brands frequently show up on search engines when people look for product information.” He apparently got carried away on his blog about his disappointment with his hybrid car’s mileage. The rant ended up in a Wired News story that is now showing up third in a Google search for “hybrid car mileage.”

So if you decide to set up a blog for your business, you might want to include a regular search process to see what outside blogs are saying about your company. And you may want to set up an editor, either a professional or a PR-oriented internal person–not to control what’s written, but rather to check and make sure that somebody having a bad day doesn’t say something he might want to say differently when he’s feeling better.

And if you should read something from your employee that has a negative slant, consider it a wake-up call to see if there’s a faulty process in your organization that’s causing bad feelings–unfair treatment, hidden agendas, etc. Processes are where most issues arise in organizations anyway. The person could just be in a bad mood, but it could be something deeper.

My blog is a perfect example. I wrote a post the other day while in a very negative frame of mind. I’ve edited it since because I realized that it came off more negatively than I really meant it to. So I apologize to the folks at REI for appearing to invalidate the hard work they’ve been doing. This whole region looks forward to seeing the promise of that work unfold.

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