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At last, (where this blog originates) is beginning to show signs that Google is actually paying attention. Not only did they ask regular bloggers to beta test their new Gmail (I personally can’t wait–Outlook has been a disaster lately), but they’ve now redone the entire look’n'feel of the site. A bit simpler, with some cute graphics not unlike the Google name displays on certain days. (Never noticed that cute stuff? Check it out on a holiday and see how some graphic artist has let him/herself dabble in whimsy…)

Met a guy the other day (oh, my, yesterday can seem so long ago sometimes) who’s really got the right idea: he’s repping a line of human development products and services that makes more sense than most you’ll see. Growth Dynamics Corporation, headed by Tom Sherman, deals in creating change in the most powerful part of any success equation: people. And yeah, you’re right. There are lots of catch phrases and lots of gimmicks and lots of good products… But I see a difference in Tom’s approach: powerful standardized tools and top-down accountability.

When a mandate comes from the top and is reinforced constantly, even the most talented procrastinators or slackers begin to get the message: I gotta do this or I ain’t gonna have a job for long. And of course managers have always known they need to do certain things; they simply haven’t known how to manipulate the dynamics of it–how do you control the process of making a difference?–or had the kind of tools that really make it practical.

Tom is not a “sales” person. He comes from the world of those managers who know but don’t really know the best way how… He’s got the fever of the convert–and his gospel rings true to me. Check the company out. More on this later…

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