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If Microsoft buys Yahoo…crystal ball says

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

What does it mean that Microsoft is trying to buy Yahoo? Well, let’s see. I envision it as kind of like Cable vs. DSL–”giant-with-unlimited-funds-and-access-to-every-computer” fighting the other “giant-with-unlimited-funds-and-access-to-every-computer.” 

Here’s a really good analysis analysis of the potential consequences by a non-insider-but-sure-could-be. What Does The Yahoo/Microsoft Debate Mean For The Rest Of Us?

Will our screens begin having a run of ad spots every fourth time we turn them on? Will they feature the browser equivalent of turtles entertaining us with barely-amusing anecdotes about why some small difference between the two of them is critical to our happiness and success? I hope they hire better advertising agencies than Comcast…